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The skin with ELASTY does not age


  • MTS
  • Micro cannula, Meso Needle, Fine Syringe
  • Elasty is based on Dongbang Medical’s 30 years polishing technology,
    it minimizes skin damage with reduces bleeding and swelling
    during the procedure.
  • Micro-polishing technology for soft insert helps high viscosity solution to be injected smoothly.
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  • Micro Cannula

    Micro filler needle of minimized skin damage
    • · Filler Cannula

      23G 50mm
      25G 50mm
      27G 40mm / 50mm
      30G / 23G 25mm
    • · Fat Graft Cannula

      18G 70mm
      20G 70mm
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  • Meso Needle

    Micro-polishing technology to relieve pains
    25G 13mm
    27G 4mm / 13mm
    30G 4mm / 6mm / 8mm / 13mm
    31G 4mm / 6mm / 8mm / 13mm
    32G 4mm / 6mm / 8mm / 13mm
    33G 4mm / 6mm / 8mm / 13mm
    34G 4mm / 6mm / 8mm / 13mm
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  • de03
  • Fine Syringe

    Ultra-thin wall with larger internal diameter.
    • 3 levels of gasket ring
      prevent the flow backward of solution
    • Embedded Needle
      a minimized solution loss between
      needle and syringe.
    • Dow Corning silicon coating
      Soft and comfortable injection with
      dow coring silicon coating on needle.
    1.0cc 31G 8mm
    32G 8mm
    0.5cc 31G 8mm
    32G 8mm
    0.3cc 31G 8mm
    32G 8mm
  • MTS
  • de06
    • DB FNS
    • A device of needle therapy to increase the penetration of effective medicine into the skin with stimulation for skin improvements through the punctured channels by micro-needles (33G 9-pin needle).
    • Your skin care project to keep the skin compact
    • Features of DB FNS
      • -Expectation of excellent therapy effect with affordable price.
      • -Comfortable grip and luxurious design.
      • -Sterilized needle cartridge for single use [DB FNS micro-needle] adopted.
      • -Even and equal therapy on the skin due to the precise and uniform needle alignment
      • -Free adjustment of needle depth with one needle. [0.1mm ~ 2.0mm]
      • -Stepwise speed control [1 step ‒ 3 step * 5,000 RPM ~7,000 RPM]
      • -MTS therapy over a wide range in a short time.
      • -Minimized pain due to the fast vertical motion of 33G pine leaf.
      • -Precise therapy in any narrow area.
      • -Strong and long lasting motor.
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    • FN-1
    • Fractional MTS therapy is a program to puncture the skin more precisely in a short time to penetrate more effective substances through the punctured microscopic channels due to the natural cure principle over the scar.
    • Meet a right next-generation of fractional needle therapy system
    • FN - 1 Fractional Auto MTS
      • -Sterilized needle cartridge with a built-in guide bar for single use. [FNS needle]
      • -Micrometer method applied to needle exposure length [precise adjustment in 0.0mm ~2.0mm]
      • -Constant speed around various therapy areas.
      • -Even and equal therapy on the skin due to precise and uniform needle alignment.
      • -Precise therapy in any narrow area with less scratch.
      • -Good penetration and less pain due to the needle in the shape of 33G pine leaf.
      • -Generation of constant micro-channels[needle holes].
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  • de08
    • S-REJUVE
    • S Rejuve helps to improve skin by increasing absorption of cosmetic active ingredients through skin irritation and generated skin channels.
    • Fractional Needle Therapy System Home care
      • -Effect of excellent skin improvement
      • -Hygienic sterilized needle cartridge for single use
      • -Use of micro-needle [for personal use in 0.2mm] Micro needle [for personal use]
      • - Implementation of less noise [Noise in use is solved] Reduced
        burden from long use due to design to minimize operating temperature.
      • - Comfortable feeling of use / luxurious design Ergonomic design with the
        application of cutting- edge technology [Easy control]
      • -Precise use over a wide area in a short time
      • -Wireless charging for convenient use
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    • DB LAB Skin Touch
    • DB Lab, Skin Touch is a cosmetic device that can induce absorbed into the skin by using 256 fine microneedles to deliver active ingredients inside the skin. It is a new roller type of beauty device.
    • Project for your baby-like skin! now, start with self-care
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